I look at this picture of Ben and know he was cool  A smart guy.  I don't want to get into a history lesson here but he was one of the original cats.  Inventive, creative, never into politics, always a politician.  A real statesman, a multi-faceted cowboy.  I look at this picture of him and dream.  I dream of a guy who believed in unlimited potential.  It was more than empty words.  Guys with ink under their fingernails.  They believed.  I look at this picture of Ben and can't help but imagine the enormous disappointment he would have in the state of our great experiment.  He knew that we are better than this.  I look at this picture and I can smell the mineral spirits.  Washed printing presses in a smoke-filled room at the end of the day.  This guy knew how to get things done and wasn't afraid of getting a little dirty.  I look at this picture and I'm struck with the motivation to try and do something strong.  The posers need some direction and the message has got to be simple.  INAFJ is kickin' forward a simple message.  We think it's worth the effort but we need your participation.  Organize.  If we work together we can make some noise.  Influence in numbers.  Lend your support.