The Movement

The Movement INAFJ is a grass roots American movement, giving voice to the millions affected by the crazy unemployment numbers. As families suffer, our political leadership seems content with their dysfunctional posturing. Together we can set the record straight, or at least just make fun of it. Stupid is believing the problems we have can be solved by the same people that created them. Crazy is saying you’re going to create jobs by spending unimaginable amounts of money that you borrow from the very same people (China) that you gave all the jobs to. Sick is the billions of tax payer dollars spent on bailing out the financial institutions, while their own immeasurable greed was responsible for the collapse of America’s future. Tired is listening to career politicians saying one thing while doing another, most having never created a job or felt the burden of meeting a payroll. Inexcusable is the rape of the US Treasury in plain sight and in broad daylight. Apparent is the government’s responsibility to stop digging a hole that the American people have no chance of getting out of, as they have proven time and time again that they are the worst managers of everything. Unbelievable are the economic policies that have forced 65% of the manufacturing jobs in America to low wage countries over the last decade. Betrayal is the feeling you live with while watching elected officials seek all the glory and take none of the blame.