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INAFJ: Up Against the Wall


INAFJ Billboard in Buffalo, NYThe INAFJ project was created for the millions of Americans and American families affected by the unemployment crisis. The INAFJ web site was launched in May, 2010 with the posting of our first billboard in Buffalo, NY. The INAFJ project received international media attention, and appeared on nearly every national media outlet, including a headline on the Drudge Report. We currently have 14,700 participants on our Facebook page. We need your support.

INAFJ: Up Against the WallINAFJ chose to brand the unemployment crisis with the belief in its profound ability to affect a wide range of critical issues facing America. Government intrusion, fiscal responsibily, borders, language and culture, are all essential componants of the INAFJ message. We control the message by making our political leadership accountable for creating a fertile environment for private sector job growth. The message is simple. Sound financial regulation, less government intrusion, reduced spending, lower taxes and strong national border security. INAFJ has been successful at reaching out to a diverse audience which includes both conservative and liberal Americans. College students have been particularly receptive to the creative positioning of the INAFJ brand.

INAFJ is an evolving national performance protest, utilizing highly creative problem solving techniques as a method of steering the national dialogue. The international press is facinated with INAFJ creativity and simple message. I need a freakin job. Period.

Project: Up Against the Wall

Up Against the Wall INAFJ will construct 10 free standing 8' x 8' two sided walls. The walls will be mobile and built in a remote location. Each wall will be designed graphically with the INAFJ logo and the "I need a freakin job" slogan. The walls will be trucked to the performance location for final installation.

Concept: Outside the Ordinary

We don't think outside the box, we think outside the ordinary. INAFJ is going to staple unemployed Americans to the walls, 20 people at a time wearing business suits. 20 human billboards over a period of 10 hours as a fertile reminder of the failure of our political leadership as they attempt to redirect the traditional American identity. The American identity is rooted in the productive individual. Consider for a moment the strength and visual impact of 160 linear feet of human performance sculpture, in protest of the lack of accountability in our current political dicourse.

Location: The Capital

The performance protest will take place in Washington, DC. INAFJ would like to execute the project as soon as possible. Exact location and dates will be determined when project funding is secured.

Documentary: A Short Film

Jeffrey Baker, entrepeneur/artist/activist and founder of the INAFJ project, will direct and film the entire process for the production of a documentary entitled, "Up against the wall. An American crises." Upon completion, the film will be submitted to numerous film festivals for potential distribution.


Soon, we hope to start accepting donations on this page to support our work.